Center for Knowledge Management and Collaborative Innovation


In today’s knowledge economy, countless innovations in business processes to improve the productivity of organisations do not always promote equally to the organisations’ capabilities. Organisations’ capabilities have been the main source of competitive advantage in rapidly changing environment. Knowledge Management, which essentially aims to generating the most of our human capital’s capabilities (Nonaka, 1994), has been shown as a strategic foundation of organisations’ competitive advantage.   

The UKRIDA’s Centre for Knowledge Management and Collaborative Innovation (KEMCI) to explore, share, combine, and develop various learning experience and process innovations within organisations, as the basis to enhance organisation’s capabilities through collaborative research. Research topics included but not limited to: technological aspects of KM; KM design and development; Knowledge creation, acquisition, codification, classification; Knowledge sharing, transfer, application, protection, retention; KM measurement; intelligent systems and knowledge mining; human behaviour aspect of KM; virtual collaboration; continuous improvement; policies issues in innovation; KM and innovation; data driven innovation; data analytics and decision making; big data economy; ICT in KM; Trends in Knowledge Modelling; KM in healthcare organisations; KM in manufacturing; KM in education.


Tim Riset

Our team consists of lecturers and researcher from interdisciplinary study programs: Industrial Engineering (IE), Informatics (IF), and Information Systems (IS).

  • Dr. Oki Sunardi, IPM, ASEAN Eng. (Coordinator)
  • Dr. Nina Sevani, S.Kom., M.Si., M.M. (Member)
  • Dr. Endi Putro, S.Kom., M.T. (Member) 
  • Meriastuti Ginting, S.T., M.T., IPM. (Member)
  • Rita Wiryasaputra, S.T., M.Cs. (Member)
  • Cynthia Hayat, S.Kom., M.MSI (Member)


As a growing research centre in Indonesia, and as part of international research communities, KEMCI seeks to advance its existence by benchmarking its process to respected high quality international journals and research centre.

International Journals:

  1. Journal of Knowledge Management (Emerald Group Publishing)
  2. VINE Journal of Information & Knowledge Management Systems (Emerald Group Publishing)
  3. International Journal of Innovation and Learning (Inderscience)
  4. International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies (Inderscience)
  5. Big Data Research (Elsevier Inc.)
  6. Big Data (Mary Ann Liebert Inc.)
  7. Technology, Knowledge and Learning (Springer Science)
  8. Industry and Innovation (Carfax Publishing)
  9. Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics (BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT)
  10. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management (Inderscience)
  11. International Journal of Technology Management (Inderscience)
  12. Knowledge Management Research Centre, Industrial & Systems Engineering Department, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (
  13. Centre for Knowledge Management, Republic of Macedonia (
  14. Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education/ISKME (
  15. Sengoku Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology (
  16. Senoo Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology (



    Center for Knowledge Management and Collaborative Innovation

    Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana