Center for Behavioral Technology


This center is an interdisciplinary research program consisted of psychology, industrial technology, health sciences (not yet in the team), and economy (there is one person who would like to join).


The main aim of the center is developing  behavioral engineering model in the macro level of service.


  • to improve healthy behavior in the youth community.
  • to maintain the existing traditional knowledge in sustaining the environment by planting indigenous seeds and producing self-support food chains.
  • to use technology and behavioral laws in industry and organization.
  • to improve school system.
  • to be involved in health services.
  • to be involved in policy making.

Tim Riset

Chairperson    : Temporary chair is Prof. Johana E. Prawitasari, Ph.D (Dr. Ngadiman Djaja has agreed to take charge of the graduate study in BE)

Members:       : Ngadiman Djaja, Ph.D.; Dr. Evans Garey; Dr. Iwan Sunandi; Dr. Oki Sunardi, Anita Novianty, M.A., William Gunawan, Ph.D., Olivia Hadiwirawan, M.Psi, Yuni Tyas


  • Behavioral Engineering Group, University of Leuven, Belgium.
  • The Behavioral Technology Research Labs at Indiana University, USA


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    Center for Behavioral Technology

    Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana