Center for Enzyme Research in Health and Disease


As a protein-based substance, enzymes are critical for life processes. Every step of metabolism is controlled by enzymes. However, dysregulated enzyme activity can lead to disease states and pathophysiology condition, such as those found in metabolic disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, hyperpigmentation disorders, etc. Enzymes have become attractive drug target to cure these diseases. Enzymes research may also focus on enzyme therapy and enzymes as biomarkers. Our center is envisioning to do research on the inhibitors of medicinal relevant enzymes, enzyme therapy, and enzyme biomarker.

Tim Riset

  • Prof. Dr. Kris Herawan Timotius (chair person)
  • Dra. Adelina Simamora MS, M.Sc (Pharm) (vice chair person)
  • Ika Rahayu M.Sc (member)
  • Adit Widodo Santoso S.Si (member)


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Center for Enzyme Research in Health and Disease

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