02 Februari 2015

Academic Essay Writing Workshop

Publish by ude

As a follow-up of last year's workshop topic on abstract writing, this year's workshop focused on developing participants' writing skills for professional academic essays. In higher education, one of the lecturers' responsibilities is to write and publish essays of their expertise. This responsibility is often hindered when they want to write for a wider range of readers in global context, due to language barrier and unfamiliarity with western/international academic essay writing characteristics. To address this circumstance, the workshop was conducted to equip its participants to learn together and overcome their writing difficulties in various methods.

The workshop was led by lecturers from the Department of English, Ms. Frieda and Ms. Hanna. During the four-day workshop, the participants learned and practiced the process of writing an academic essay. They also shared and discussed difficulties that they experienced when writing, and worked together to find possible solutions. On the last day of the workshop, Ms. Ira, the Head of UKRIDA Department of English, also joined in as a guest lecturer.

Through the writing assignments from this workshop, the participants' English writing skills are improving considerably, as seen in their final essays at the end of the program. In the future, hopefully UKRIDA Department of English could conduct more training to equip other professionals within and outside the university.


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