02 Januari 2015

Teater Koma's Republik Cangik

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Behind the Stage and Performance
As one of Indonesian theaters, Teater Koma was founded by N. Riantiarno – as the central figure, in 1977. It has performed more than 100 plays. Teater Koma is known for their reputation in performing satirical plays, critizicing social politics situation in Indonesia.

For the Christmas celebration, UDE students will perform a short play entitled "Christmas Present". By having this field trip, the students had a chance to see how to perform a play thoroughly, from make-up artist, costume design, preparation room – including refreshment and room management, stage setting, music instrument setting, warming up, practice and rehearsal. One of the Teater Koma's members, Mr. Binton, gave the students a tour inside the building, from the makeup room, briefing room, preparation room, and stage area. Mr. Binton also gave brief history of the building and the summary of the play. The students also had a chance to meet the stage manager, Mr. Bayu, who also played a role in the upcoming play. Some students had the opportunity to look around the music area with the stage manager.

After the tour, the students watched the performers rehearsed a scene from the play. They were excited and amazed. Before leaving, they met a senior actress, Sari Madjid, who advised them to be disciplined and honest in performing a play.

The field trip went well and the students enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. Especially those who are in charge, they gained useful and inspiring knowledge. Based on the report they wrote, they experienced new and amazing things during the field trip. Most of them are inspired to do better for the Christmas performance. The students who watched the performance enjoyed the show and were amazed by it.

The following week, some students watched the performance. Due to the show time (7 pm to 11.30 pm), most students could not make it. Two of the students writing below present the students strong impressions on the behind the stage trip and the performance of Teater Koma.

An Amazing Trip
I had an exciting pleasant trip on November 10. My classmates and I, along with my lecturers went to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Art Building). We started our trip at 11.00 a.m and arrived at 12.30 p.m. When we arrived, I was totally disappointed with the building. But after entering the building I was speechless as it brought me to the colonial's era. I was shocked to see the art of this building. I like this place a lot, especially in the theatre room as it is known for its beauty and used for great theater performances.

When we entered the building, we met a man from the Teater Koma. First, he described the history of this building and explained about Teater Koma. After that, we entered a room which was full of posters. He said that this is a special room for theater posters. The next place is makeup room. There are so many kinds for their show. He explained to us how to makeup ourselves correctly when we are on stage and he directed us to the stage to saw the properties, decorations, and lighting of the stage. After he explained the whole place patiently, he invited us to see Theater Coma's practice so we can understand how to practice theater correctly.

They started practicing at 3.00 p.m. Before their practice, they did warm up exercises first. The exercise was very cool as it could transfer energy from the players to the audience. After warming up, they started the practice with new energy. What a great practice! They looked like they were doing a real show. I think this is the best theater that I have ever seen so far. When I was watching, Ms. Frieda and Ms. Ninda said that we had to go back to campus. That is a memorable experience because we can see behind the theatre stage. I have learned new exciting things from this field trip. (Behind the Stage of Teater Koma by Tiara Jacynda).

Republik Cangik: Teater Koma Performance
koma4On November 18, my friends and I, with two lecturers went to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta to watch Repubik Cangik performed by Teater Koma. Republik Cangik symbolizes Indonesia's government. The story is about the King Election, satirically referred to the presidential election when Jokowi and Prabowo were candidates. Yet, they used nickname not the real name of the candidates.

Suranesia is the name of a kingdom led by a King who has just died. He has three sons but none of his sons want to lead Suranesia. So, Cangik and her daughter, Limbuk, made a competition to choose the right king to lead Suranesia. They have six candidates, Santanu Garu, Dudung Bikung, Burama-rama, Graito Bakari, Binanti Yugama, and Jaka Wisesa. If Cangik is the one choosing the king, it will not be objective. So, she invited famous people from around the world to help her choose the king for Suranesia. They are Gatotkaca, Lesmono Mondrokumoro, Batara Narada, Semar, and Permoni.

Every candidate must give a short speech and performance to everyone who comes to choose the right king for Suranesia. When all candidates finished their performance, none matches the judges' expectation. But they have one candidate who have not performed yet. He is Jaka Wisesa. Cangik believes that Jaka Wisesa will impress the judges so they make Jaka Wisesa perform last.

When Jaka Wisesa performed, and yes, he met the judges' requirements. But Riri Ratri, one of the judges and Lesmono Mondrokumoro did not agree with other judges. They said that Jaka Wisesa was not suitable to be king of Suranesia. So the judges have little conflict to choose Jaka Wisesa to be The King of Suranesia.

At the same time, Dudung Bikung, Graito Bakari, Burama-rama, and Binanti Yugama declared that they withdrew from the election and supported Jaka Wisesa or Santunu Garu.

This story told us that this is Indonesia's government and the facts about Indonesia's election. It makes people realize that we should choose the right leader to lead this country so Indonesia can grow bigger and be more independent. It was a great performance. (By Daisy)


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