12 Maret 2020

Asia Summer Program 2019 – Petra Christian University Surabaya, Indonesia

Publish by Humas

           Asia Summer Program 2019 (ASP 2019) started on 30th June 2019. My university, Krida Wacana Christian University, sent four students to join ASP 2019. They were Timotius Siahitaher and me (Angel Nia) from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Also, Hannita Kurnia and Mellisa Agustine from the Faculty of Economy and Business. We went there together for around three weeks, sharing moments and happiness. I want to share some of those memories.

           The participants of the 2019 ASP were from various countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Lithuania, Portugal, Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. The Indonesian participants were from the hosting university (Petra Christian University) and UKRIDA Jakarta.

            There were some agendas in the 2019 ASP. The committee informed all participants regarding the campus facilities of Petra University as well as ASP rules, activities, and events. They also informed some exciting activities conducted in the afternoon, such as games, cultural day, cooking class, and making souvenirs (T-Shirt painting). Some events held on Saturdays were a city tour (around Surabaya) and a Mount Bromo tour in the 2nd week).

           I spent Monday-Friday by studying in the class. I joined the Visual Storytelling Development (VSD) class in the morning and Creative Campaign (CC) class in the afternoon. At first, I didn’t understand about the materials in the morning class because my lecturer is Korean. He spoke English in his Korean accent. Timo and I got a headache in the first few days, but finally, I could understand most of the materials that he gave. In the afternoon class, it was more terrible. In 1 subject, there were around seven lecturers that taught me. The first lecturer had already explained about the final project, but on the next day, the new lecturer told the final project differently. It happened three times; I didn’t know why.

I think it’s enough about the lessons. Now, I’m going to share the joyful activities that I did there. I made friends; many of them were foreigners. In the first week, I rarely went outside at night. I spent the nights in my hotel room, washing clothes, went to the supermarket, and chit-chatting with my roommate that also came from the same university, Mellisa. I did that because it was tiring back then. I had to study for around 5 hours and joined afternoon activities for approximately 3 hours full of playing games and excitement.

Krida Wacana Christian University sent four students to join Asia Summer Program 2019 

In the second week, I felt energized. I went outside for almost every night with Timo, Bruno (Timo’s roommate who came from Portugal), Pink (from Thailand), Hannita, Igne (Hannita’s roommate, came from Lithuania), and also with my roommate, Mellisa. We went to malls for shopping, even some cafes because Bruno wanted to buy some beers. We had very memorable nights in Surabaya.

We also visited many beautiful places, such as the House of Sampoerna, Majapahit Hotel, Monument of Heroes, and Kenjeran on the first Saturday. On the second Saturday, we visited Mount Bromo from dawn until the afternoon.

In the third (last) week, Timo and I felt sad and gloomy. We didn’t want to be separated from friends whom we spent our days and nights with, and we also thought that maybe we would never meet again because Bruno and Igne are from Europe (which is very far away from here), but we promised to keep in contact.

ASP 2019 was a very fantastic event. I am delighted and thankful that I could join this event. Thank you very much for reading this article!


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