10 November 2016

Screenwriting and Playwriting Workshop with Guest Lecturer from Serunya Screenwriting Agency

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After finishing the first two years of studying at UKRIDA Department of English, the students are required to concentrate in one of three options: TESOL, TIN or CREW.

In Creative Writing (CREW) concentration, the students are given theoretical overview on creative writing and basic introduction before the specialization courses to help students understand the basic processes of writing film script. Academically, students are required to do screenwriting exercise to apply and sharpen their writing skills.

This workshop is aimed to provide the students the possible career path, benefits and challenges in creative writing and particularly film industry. The guest lecturer, Perdana Kartawiyudha, has been involved in the making of Anak-Anak Lumpur (2009) and Terjunjung 9 (2005), which have won the FFI awards for short movies.

In the three-session workshop, the CREW students were asked to apply their writing skills in producing movie synopsis, and they were given ample feedbacks at the third session. The follow-up of this workshop is a chance to do an internship at the agency.


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