04 April 2014

UDE Goes to Yogyakarta: An Experience to Learn from Professional Translators

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Translation and Interpreting (TIN) Translation and Interpreting (TIN) concentration which is organized by UKRIDA Department of English (UDE) prepares students to become professional translators and interpreters. As TIN students batch 2014 are entering the sixth semester of their study, it is important to support and guide them more in translation and interpreting field. Due to that reason, we organized some training activities in addition to their internship duties. The purpose is to enrich their knowledge about translation and interpreting. These training activities helped TIN students very much in preparing their career as translator and interpreter. The training activities were conducted as follows:

  1. Getting to Know HPI (Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia) and Tips on Being Professional Translator/Interpreter, by Anna Wiksmadhara (General Secretary of HPI), on March 30 at UKRIDA
  2. Training on Using CAT Tools, by Andika Priadiputra (HPI Member, Former Head of HPI Komda Jateng DIY), on March 30 at UKRIDA
  3. Being an Academician and Researcher in TIN Studies, by Harris H. Setiajid (Translation Lecturer and Researcher) and students, on March 31 at Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta
  4. Working at Translation Agencies and Getting Familiar with the Industry, by PeMad International Transearch, on March 31 at PeMad, Yogyakarta
  5. Working at a Translation Agency and Being a Professional Interpreter within the Code of Ethics, by Wahmuji and Wahyu Ginting (Head of HPI Komda Jateng DIY), on April 3 at Translexi, Yogyakarta

In general, the training activities went well and as scheduled. The series started by Ibu Anna from HPI who presented the possibilities in translation and interpreting field. She also encouraged the students to be more serious in the field.The session continued to Mas Andika, who delivered how to use OmegaT, a free and simple CAT Tools. The software, provided by the speaker, represents and shows the basic idea of CAT Tools. The day was ended, but our journey just started.

That evening we departed to Yogyakarta by train. The following day we start our day by visiting the English Letters Program at Universitas Sanata Dharma. Our sharing session there provided some students with feedback on their research plans. Pak Harris and his students presented ideas for research on TIN studies.

The next day, our visit to PeMad International Transearch helped us get familiar with the translation industry: positions in translation agencies, their job description and the workflow. The visit to Translexi completes the journey in Yogyakarta as the students are provided with experience sharing from the translators and editor in Translexi, how to improve interpreting skills and code of conducts in providing interpreting service. This series of training, which involved the practitioners in the field as the references and sources, also provided the lecturer with important pointers to consider in designing the curriculum for TIN students. (Siegfrida A. S. Mursita Putri)


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