Center of Optimization System and Machine Learning


The Center of Optimization System and Machine Learning (OSML) provides innovative research to better utilize the growing amounts of data available in our increasingly networked world. Our focus is on enabling technologies in optimization and machine learning, applied to a range of areas including ergonomics (healthcare), energy systems, manufacturing, and more.

Our research is organized into three interrelated thrusts:

  • Models and methods of optimization
  • Models and methods of machine learning
  • Applications in intelligent computational systems

Jenis Layanan

Research projects in the Center use theories and techniques from the intersection of industrial engineering, computer science, statistics, and mathematics, including foundational ideas from algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, and databases (computer science), multivariate data analysis, Bayesian estimation, and computational statistics (from statistics), and optimization and probability theory (from mathematics). Our activities held on industrial engineering laboratory and/or computer labs.

Tim Riset

  • Dr.Iwan Aang Soenandi (Coordinator)
  • Budi Marpaung, S.T.,M.T (Member)
  • Budi Harsono,S.T,M.Eng (Member)
  • Cynthia Hayat.S.T,M.Si (Member)


Journal of Optimization (Hindawi)


    • The hybrid-model architectural modelling based on ARIMA-BPNN methods for building materials demands forecasting (Hayat, C., Soenandi, I.A.)
    • Optimization of industrial machine maintenance scheduling using ant colony method (Soenandi, I.A., Budiman, T.E.)
    • Optimization for routing vehicles of seafood product transportation (Soenandi, I.A., Juan, Y., Budi, M.)
    • Real-time optimization using gradient adaptive selection and classification from infrared sensors measurement for esterification oleic acid with glycerol (Aang Soenandi, I., Djatna, T., Suryani, A., Irzaman)
    • Optimization process of glycerol esterification using real time adaptive control (Soenandi, I.A., Suryani, A., Djatna, T., Irzaman)


    Center of Optimization System and Machine Learning

    Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana