Certified Human Capital Professional (CHCP)

Certification Program CHCP


Certified Human Capital Professional (CHCP) is a professional human resources certification that focuses on Business to Organization, Organization to People, Talent & Remuneration Management, and Industrial Relations according to current and future business needs. This program is the result of a collaboration between the Faculty of Economics and Business, Krida Wacana Christian University and Pungki Purnadi & Associates. The student who participated in this program will learn the role of Human Capital Professional should be act in the organization in addressing the business challenges nowadays.

Who can participate in this program?
  • People who pursue a career in the Human Capital field.
  • People who enthusiast to understand the organization systems & people management.
  • Bachelor/ Master graduated from any majors of education

  • Business Owners
  • Professionals
  • Practitioners

Our Programs


The program is fit for those who are the middle to long experienced in Human Capital, Professional, Business Owner, Practitioner.


  1. Organization Development
    • The Important of company Vision, Mission, Values.
    • Strategic Human Capital Planning.
    • Designing Business Process Model.
    • Cascading Business Strategy into Organization Model.
    • SWOT Analysis in making Organization Structure.
    • Job Design in making Job Description.
    • Job Evaluation in making Job Grading.
    • Work Load Analysis in making Manpower Planning with FTE.
    • Design & Implementation of Change Management.
    • Finance for HR.
  2. People Development
    • Strategic Recruitment Management.
    • Interview Technique.
    • Competency Based HC Management.
    • Managing Career Development.
    • Managing Learning & Development.
    • Designing KPI Tree.
    • Strategic Performance Planning and Setting Target.
    • Performance Monitoring with Coaching and Counseling.
    • Effective Performance Review.
    • Designing Performance Reward.
  3. Talent & Remuneration Management
    • 3P Remuneration Strategy.
    • Designing Salary Structure with Salary Survey.
    • Design Powerful Talent Management.
    • Managing Talented People.
    • Succession Planning.
    • HR Data Analytics.
    • HRIS.
  4. Industrial Relations
    • Pengantar Bidang Ketenagakerjaaan – Hubungan Industrial.
    • Hubungan Industrial Sinergi Pengusaha – Pekerja.
    • Teknik Penyusunan Perjanjian Kerja – Pengaturan Perusahaan – Perjanjian Kerja Bersama.
    • Teknik Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja (PHK).
    • Pengelolaan Outsourcing.
    • Penyelesaian Perselisihan Hubungan Industrial.
    • Hubungan Industrial Strategi Komunikasi.
    • Strategi Komunikasi dalam membangun hubungan harmonis dengan karyawan.

The program is fit for those who are the early experienced in Human Capital and fresh graduated.

Topics :

  1. Business Focus
    • Introduction of business strategy.
    • The Important of company Vision, Mission, Values.
    • Finance for Human Resources.
    • Introduction to KPI Management.
  2. Organization Focus
    • Introduction organization development strategy.
    • Introduction to strategic workplace planning.
    • Introduction to strategic HC planning.
    • Introduction of rewards.
  3. People Focus
    • Job Management.
    • Introduction of Talent Management.
    • Introduction to Performance Management.
    • Workforce Relations Basic.

Registration Info

Registration fee

  • Ukridian - Rp 8.000.888,-
  • Non-Ukridian - Rp 8.888.888,-

Payment method

  • Transfer bank ke rekening BCA no: 656-1066-555 a.n. Yayasan BPTK Krida Wacana

Registration link

  • http://bit.ly/CHCP-ukrida

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